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With Yup on your smartphone, it’s easy to discover & connect with your favorite celebrities, bloggers, news & friends. Exclusive content, quick updates with lots of special offers from your favorite brands. Yup is free to download and use.

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Making your life easier

Yup is a cloud service eliminating the need to download hundreds of different apps. Thereby making mobile surfing easier for you with much more fun. all in one app.

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Stay updated always

Want to know what’s going – in the world or around you? With Yup on your smartphone it’s easy to keep updated and see what’s new. Be sure to never miss anything.

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A wide selection

There is always something new to discover on Yup. The selection of yup world categories is growing every day with new categories. You can choose categories from fashion, sports, banking, bloggers, college events & fests – locally, nationally, or from around the world.

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All in one app

Yup makes is easier to use coupons, vouchers from brands and restaurants you love. You get everything in one place. Take advantage of special offers and keep updated – whenever it suits you. And its all in one app.

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